University Services

Fire Marshal's office

University of Houston
Environmental Health and Life Safety
Fire Marshal’s Office
4513 Cullen Boulevard, Second Floor
(Building 106 @ Entrance 8)
Houston, Texas 77204-1005

Mail Code: 1005
Telephone: 713-743-8027
Fax: 713-743-8035

Fire Marshal's Office, a division of the Department of Public Safety, supports prevention, planning and response. Everyone on campus has a responsibility to prevent fires and injuries, to plan for emergencies, and to respond according to the emergency plan. Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Using UL or F.M. labeled appliances and power strips with built-in fuses or circuit breakers.
  2. Contacting the Fire Marshal's office regarding the use of items with open flames.
  3. Reporting blocked exit paths, improper storage, smoking in buildings, and physical safety hazards.
  4. Becoming familiar with at least two exits other than elevators in buildings that one frequents.
  5. Knowing the location and operation of the fire alarm system.
  6. Evacuating a building when the alarm is sounding or when advised to do so.
  7. Calling 911 for fire, medical and police emergencies.