2013-2014 Student Handbook

Academic Enrichment Programs

Study Abroad and Study Abroad Scholarships

  • Office of International Studies and Programs (OISP)
    501 E Cullen Bldg, Room # 501 H

    Study Abroad and Study Abroad Scholarships Office of International Studies and Programs (OISP) 501 E Cullen 713-743-9167 www.uh.edu/studyabroad Interested students have a wide variety of resources available to assist them with the choice of study abroad programs at the Office of International Studies and Programs. There are five types of study abroad programs.

    (1) Faculty-Led Programs are led by faculty from different colleges who visit countries and universities in China, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and India and, provide the students with a hands â€" on experience of visits to global businesses, historic sites and opportunities to network.

    (2) Affiliated Programs are offered by UH through approved third party providers such as USAC (University Study Abroad Consortium), CEA (Cultural Experiences Abroad), ISA (International Studies Abroad), Kukulcan, SOL Education Abroad and many others. Students can also do an independent study at any university in the world if the course is approved by the department or college. Students under this program can choose to study in about 125 countries.

    (3) Exchange Programs are reciprocal exchanges between UH students and students from different universities and, UH executes them after a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the two universities. They are popularly known as the REEP, (Reciprocal Education Exchange Program) and are permitted by the Texas Law , through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. UH has an active exchange programs with the University of Leipzig, University of Muenster, Tec De Monterrey, Hong Kong University, Symbiosis International University and many others.

    (4) Special Programs are programs specially designed to assist students complete their Spanish language requirements during the 3 week break between semesters. They can accelerate their graduation by also opting to take other classes that fit into the break period.

    (5) Visiting International Studies Program (VISP) is a program offered by UH to any student studying in the United States who wishes to study abroad through the study abroad programs offered by the University of Houston. They will receive UH credits which can be transferred back to their university. In addition, materials are distributed twice a year in the Study Abroad Fairs held in February and September. The Office of International Studies and Programs (501 E Cullen) also maintains a resource Center with information on programs and countries. Study abroad advisors are available to give advice and assist in the process. All students going on overseas programs should make plans early in their college careers (i.e., freshman year or soon thereafter) and must register with the Office of International Studies and Programs. Students interested in UH faculty-led programs should also apply to the individual program with the designated faculty at the different departments and colleges.

    Study Abroad Resource Center. This is a One -Stop Shop created to offer not only catalogs of information for study abroad but also other services which are needed to complete the study abroad requirements, such as photographs, state registration, health disclosure form and International Student Identification Card for insurance and other forms.

    Study Abroad Scholarships Scholarship opportunities are available for students studying abroad. International Education Fee Scholarship (IEFS) competitions are held each fall (November 1) and spring (March 1) and are awarded for the following two terms, including summer terms. This initiative, which was begun by students to promote study abroad and to assist students in their efforts to incorporate international study into their academic experience, was subsequently approved by the Texas Legislature for all Texas universities.

    The scholarships are funded by the student body through a $1 per semester fee added to students' fee bills. IEFS applications may be obtained from the web at www.uh.edu/studyabroad/scholarships. For more information, please visit the OISP office located at 501 E Cullen Bldg, Room 501F.

    Scholarship sessions are held twice a year a month before the deadline dates in colleges and in different locations throughout the campus.