2013-2014 Student Handbook

Academic Enrichment Programs

Learning Support Services

  • Learning & Assessment Services Room N109 Cougar Village #1 (Use your Cougar 1 card for access to the building.)

  • Mission:

    The mission of Learning Support Services (LSS) is the promotion of student success. The focus of LSS is on learning how to learn. LSS offers tutoring (walk-in), learning strategies counseling and workshops, and resource materials to enhance academic performance. There is no charge for any of our services.
  • Goals:

    • Facilitate student learning

    • Provide tutoring for a wide range of subjects

    • Provide multimedia resources to support student learning

    • Offer workshops and seminars on learning strategies

  • Services:


    Learning styles and strategies assessment

    • Learning strategies counseling

    • Graduate & professional student support including instruction and tutoring in scholarly writing, presentation skills, and learning styles and workshops on topics such as American Psychological Association writing style.

    • Seminars and workshops on learning strategies

    • Faculty consultation & coordination of learning workshops delivered in academic departments

  • Internships:

    Beginning counselors enrolled in the UH Educational Psychology Department can apply for internships and practicum training at LSS.
  • Certification:

    Tutors are certified by the International College Reading and Learning Association and the tutoring program is certified by the National Association of Developmental Educators.