Nonprofit Leadership Alliance/Graduate College of Social Work

405 Social Work, 4th floor

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) Certificate & Credential Program is an initiative through the Graduate College of Social Work (GCSW) that serves all undergraduate majors and post-baccalaureate students at the University of Houston. This program is an affiliated chapter of a national organization.

Coupled with completion of a bachelor’s degree, the program itself covers 10 learning competencies designed to educate students thoroughly about the nonprofit sector through the following steps:

  • Academic Coursework (total of 6, including a non-credit course)
  • Leadership & Service Learning (various activities throughout the Fall/Spring semesters)
  • Attendance to the Alliance Management Institute (in January)
  • An NLA Internship (480 hrs.) at a local nonprofit agency

Please note:

  • CLASS majors can petition to use NLA to substitute for their minor requirement
  • HDFS majors in College of Education can choose NLA as a certification track
  • Business majors cover 2/3s of the required coursework in their current degree plan

NLA also offers eight (8) scholarship opportunities exclusively to active students enrolled in the program.