Student Program Board (SPB)

279 University Center
(832) 842-6217

Student Program Board (SPB) at The University of Houston is a student fee-funded, student-run organization that strives to bring the best and brightest entertainment to the University of Houston. The mission of SPB is to bring quality, educational and entertaining programs that enhance the quality of life of students at the University of Houston. SPB is a laboratory where students develop leadership skills and acquire knowledge that will benefit their overall academic experience.

Compensated Student Leader Positions: President, Vice President for Marketing and Assessment, Vice President for Membership Recruitment and Development, Chair of Cinema and Novelty, Chair of Trips and Tournaments, Chair of Special Events, Chair of Speakers and Comedy, Chair of Social Media and Communications, Chair of Concerts, and the Chair of Late Nights and Weekends.

Volunteer Student Leader Positions: Members for Planning Committees for the following areas; Cinema, Concerts, Comedy/Novelty, Special Events, Social Media Chair, and Trips and Tournaments.