Undergraduates Withdrawals

The grade of W is assigned to a course only after the last day to drop or withdraw without receiving a grade and before the final day to drop or withdraw. Students are responsible for initiating action to drop or withdraw from classes. Students who fail to do so will be retained on the class rolls even though they may be absent for the remainder of the semester. In such instances a grade of F (or U in S/U graded courses) will be awarded unless the conditions for a grade of I have been met. Please see the "Dropping a Course" section for limitation on withdrawals from courses.

If you need to drop all your classes, you must officially withdraw from the university. Your record with the university must be clear–that is, no overdue library books, no unpaid parking tickets, tuition and fees paid in full, etc. The procedure for medical and administrative withdrawals are outlined in the Undergraduate catalog (www.uh.edu/academics/catalog).

Graduate and Professional Students should refer to the most recent Graduate Catalog (www.uh.edu/grad_catalog) for the complete policy.

Students who receive financial aid funds should discuss the implications of withdrawing with a financial aid officer. All financial aid recipients who withdraw, unofficially or officially, are subject to a Return of Title IV Funds recalculation according to Federal Regulations, which may result in the student owing funds back to the university. Please visit www.uh.edu/finaid for more information. International students should first meet with an international student counselor.