Incompletes (undergraduates)

The temporary grade of "I" (incomplete) is a conditional and temporary grade given when students (a) are currently passing a course or (b) still have a reasonable chance of passing in the judgment of the instructor, but for non-academic reasons beyond their control have not completed a relatively small part of all requirements.

Students are responsible for informing the instructor immediately of the reasons for not submitting an assignment on time or not taking an examination. Students should understand that the only way to have an "I" changed to a passing grade is to fulfill course requirements in accordance with the conditions specified by the instructor. Students must contact the instructor of the course in which they receive an "I" grade to make arrangements to complete the course requirements. Students must not re-register for the courses in which their grade is currently recorded as an "I." Even when the conditions for fulfilling the course requirements include participation in all or part of the same course in another semester, the student must not re-register for the course. After the course work is completed, the instructor will submit a change of grade form to change the "I" grade to the grade earned. Both grades, the original "I" and the earned grade, will appear on the transcript.

The grade of "I" may not be changed to a grade of W, but may be changed only to another letter grade. As stated under Fulfillment of Grade Requirements for a Degree in the Undergraduate Catalog, all grades of "I" shall be computed as grades of F for purposes of calculating a student's cumulative grade point average for graduation.

Should the student not complete the course in the time allotted a maximum of one year, a grade of F will be assigned and used for purposes of calculating a student's cumulative grade point average for graduation and also for determining eligibility for graduation with honors (i.e. an "I" grade that becomes an F, even if associated with a course taken during the freshman or sophomore year, will be counted as part of the student's last 66 hours). Students should understand that an incomplete may impact their financial aid eligibility, and they should discuss this option with a financial aid advisor.