Dropping a Course

Office of the University Registrar

128 Welcome Center

As the semester progresses, a student may decide to lighten his or her academic load by dropping a course. Please see the online academic calendar for the exact date for deadlines to drop a course without receiving a grade. www.uh.edu/calendars.html. The last day to drop a course or withdraw with a grade of W, is published in the academic calendar at www.uh.edu/academics/catalog. The actual procedure for dropping courses is outlined in the Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs. Certain colleges require students to process all schedule changes in the college after certain dates. Before dropping courses, international students must see an international student counselor, financial aid recipients speak with a financial aid officer, and student-athletes must see their athletics counselor to discuss eligibility implications of withdrawing. Students are responsible for verifying whether they have been dropped from a course.

All undergraduate students will be allowed a total of 6 Ws (withdrawals). Ws may be used at any time during your college career to drop a course up through the last day to drop a course or withdraw from all courses. When these 6 Ws have been used, the student must complete all subsequent courses. When a class which includes a lab (or recitation) is taken concurrently, the dropping of such a class and lab (or recitation) will count as one withdrawal if dropped simultaneously. See the Undergraduate catalog for more information on this policy at www.uh.edu/academics/catalog.

NOTE: Some state laws dealing with enrollment caps or maximum hours permitted are based on the number of hours in which a student is enrolled by the official reporting day for each term regardless of whether the student drops the course afterwards. Students are responsible for ensuring their enrollment records are correct. For the UH policy on enrollment caps see the academic policy section on Undergraduate Enrollment Limits in the Undergraduate Catalog and within this student handbook.