Change of Major

A change of major is a formal procedure requiring official approval and documentation. Students must submit a General Petition form requesting a change of major. This form is filed by the student in the department in which he or she wishes to major. Approval from both the department chair and the college Dean is required. Students should consult with an advisor in the department of their intended major for help with the change of major process. Students changing majors within the university shall meet the same requirements as students seeking admission to an academic unit (department, school, or college) from outside the university who have completed the same number of semester credit hours.

The university offers vocational and academic counseling and planning assistance to students having difficulty choosing a major. Counseling and Psychological Services and University Career Services offices provide resources and support to students seeking career goals. For assistance with academic plans, students may meet with academic advisors in the various departments and colleges and the UScholars.

Forms are available at the registrar's Website and may be completed and forwarded as indicated in the Website information at