Academic Level


Academic levels are based on the total number of semester hours earned at the University of Houston and those accepted in transfer from other colleges and universities. Credit awarded by examination and hours earned with a grade of S are counted in determining classification, but they are not counted in determining grade point average.

  Semester Hours Minimum Cumulative
Academic Levels   GPA
Freshman 0-29 2.0
Sophomore 30-59 2.0
Junior 60-89 2.0
Senior 90 or more 2.0

Law, Optometry and Pharmacy

Special law, optometry and pharmacy classifications are used for students majoring in these professional areas.


The postbaccalaureate classification describes students who have completed their undergraduate degrees, but are not enrolled in a formal graduate degree program. Postbaccalaureate students may also be pursuing a second undergraduate degree. Unless granted by the appropriate college or department, all courses taken as postbaccalaureate will receive undergraduate credit.

Graduate Students

Graduate and professional students should consult with the specific colleges and departments or the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies for current policies regarding graduate programs, as well as consult the appropriate college section in the graduate catalog for further information Not all policies and procedures may be the same for all academic programs.