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Student Outreach and Support (SOS)

Connecting Cougars to Care

Student Outreach and Support is committed to the success and well-being of all students in our community. In collaboration with our campus, community and health care partners, we work to help identify, support and refer students who may be experiencing complex personal difficulty such as a mental health related crisis or distress that may impact their academic, personal and/or social stability.

Through a comprehensive and collaborative approach, SOS reaches out to students to communicate care and concern about their health and well-being and to offer resources and support that may be helpful to them on their path to success and college completion.  

Although we reach out to every student referred, it is up to the student to accept and engage in the continuum of services offered by SOS.

SOS services include but are not limited to:

  • Outreach to students who are transitioning back to campus after a mental health related transport or hospitalization
  • Outreach to students who may be in need of a connection to or referral for mental health related support
  • Initial meeting to determine needs and services
  • Communication with professors
  • Development of a Student Care Plan to help the student identity, access and maintain the necessary levels of specialized support
  • Assistance in transition back to classes after a medical leave or acute care event
  • Consultation with student and family
  • Advocacy for students with various offices and departments on and off campus
  • Information and Referral to campus and community resources

Connecting Cougars to Care Student Resource Guide