Office Information

Student Center South
4455 University Drive RM 256
Houston, TX 77204-3035

(P) 832-842-6183
(F) 713-743-5477

8:30am – 5:00pm
Monday – Friday

Behavior and Conduct

Our office works to maintain a civil and orderly academic environment on campus by administering the University of Houston Student Code of Conduct. The disciplinary system at the University of Houston is education in nature; our goal is to help students be accountable for their actions and to learn how their actions impact themselves and others. Any member of the campus community may submit an incident report for investigation by the Dean of Students office. Students referred to through the discipline system will be given a choice as to how they would like their case to be adjudicated; through a Disciplinary Conference with an Assistant Dean or through the University Hearing Board. The University Hearing Board is comprised of five individuals: three students, one staff member and one faculty member.

Students who are referred to the discipline process may have other influencing factors at play. Behavior can be tied to other events that a student may be experiencing. The Dean of Students coordinates the activities of the Conduct Assessment and Response Team (CART) – an interdisciplinary group of University representatives who assess, monitor, and respond to students who exhibit concerning, disruptive and/or threatening behaviors. We are committed to ensuring that students are connected to the necessary resources that will maximize and enhance their success.

Conduct Consultation

If you need assistance dealing with disruptive student behavior or have questions about unusual student behavior in your classroom, please contact the Dean of Students Office. We will be happy to help you identify the best course of action. Contact us at or call (832) 842-6183.

Please report all incidents of student misconduct to the Dean of Students Office via our Incident Reporting Form.

Safety First

Responding to Dangerous or Threatening Behavior

If a student’s behavior is extremely disruptive, threatening, or dangerous, call campus police immediately.

Examples of such behavior include:

  • Harming themselves or appears to be on the verge of harming self.
  • Physically or verbally assaulting you or any of your students, or appearing to be on the verge of doing so.
  • Damaging university property.

Consider adjourning the class session or taking a short break if a student must be removed from the classroom. You may also file an incident report with the Dean of Students Office.

UHPD: (713) 743-3333