Page 9 - codeofconduct

‒ 7 ‒
Misuse of Identification
Transferring, lending, or borrowing
University identification.
Misuse of Safety Equipment
Unauthorized use or alteration of fire
fighting equipment, safety devices, or other emergency equipment.
Misuse or Abuse of Computers
Unauthorized use or misuse
of any University computer, computer system, service, program, data, network,
cable television network, or communication network. The inappropriate or
disproportionate use of an information technology resource owned or controlled by
the University or use of an information technology resource for an illegal, threatening,
harassing, abusive, or intentionally destructive purpose. Failure to comply with
laws, license agreements, and contracts governing network, software and hardware
use. Abuse of communal resources. Use of computing resources for unauthorized
commercial purposes or personal gain. Breach of computer security, harmful access or
invasion of privacy.
Photographing or Videotaping
Photographing, videotaping, filming,
digitally recording, or by any other means, secretly viewing with or without a device,
another person without that person’s consent in any location where the person
has a reasonable expectation of privacy, or in a manner that violates a reasonable
expectation of privacy. This section does not apply to lawful security surveillance
filming, or recording that is authorized by law enforcement or authorized University
Possession of Dangerous Weapons
Unauthorized possession of
a firearm, weapon, dangerous chemicals, or any explosive device of any description
including; compressed air guns, pellet guns, BB guns, shotguns, or illegal knives, or
the ammunition of any firearm or other dangerous weapon or explosive device on
University grounds. Possessing a dangerous weapon in your vehicle constitutes a
violation of this section.
Possession of Stolen Property
Possessing property known to the
possessor to be stolen and that may be identified as property of the University or any
other person or business.
Public Intoxication
Presenting a threat to oneself or others due to being
under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other drugs.
Sexual Misconduct
Violation of the UH Student Sexual Misconduct
Policy including, but not limited to, engaging in or attempting to engage in sexual
assault, sexual exploitation, sexual intimidation, and/or sexual harassment.
Theft, or attempted theft, of property or services from any person or
any business on University grounds.
Unauthorized Use of Alcoholic Beverages
distribution, or consumption of alcoholic beverages except during events or in
circumstances authorized by University officials and/or failure to comply with state
or University regulations regarding the use or sale of alcoholic beverages.