Page 6 - codeofconduct

‒ 4 ‒
Business Day” means Monday through Friday during regular University
business hours.
Code” refers to the UH Student Code of Conduct.
Handbook” means the official UH Student Handbook.
Hazing” means those activities defined in the Texas Education Code Sec.
et seq., the Prohibited Conduct Section of the Student Code of Conduct
regarding Hazing, and the UH Hazing Policy.
Hearing Officer” includes the Associate Dean of Students, Assistant Deans
of Students, the Associate Director for Residential Life, the Assistant Director for
Residential Life, Residence Life Coordinators, and the University Hearing Board.
Notice” means correspondence sent to the addressee by the means identified
in Section 5 of the Student Code of Conduct regarding Notice.
Preponderance of the evidence” is the standard of review in the student
discipline process which evaluates whether it is more likely than not that the student
did violate a Code provision and/or University policy.
Procedures” means the Student Disciplinary Procedures.
Record” means correspondence referenced herein relating to the Student
Disciplinary Procedures and all hard copy or electronic documents, forms, copies,
reports, statements, recordings, or tangible evidence presented in a disciplinary
hearing or conference.
Referral Notice” refers to the notice initiating disciplinary action.
Respondent” means accused student.
Sanction” means penalty for violation of the Prohibited Conduct Section of
the Student Code of Conduct.
Student” means a person who; (a) is currently enrolled at the University;
b) is accepted for admission or readmission to the University; (c) has been enrolled
at the University in a prior semester or summer term and is eligible to continue
enrollment in the semester or summer term that immediately follows; (d) is attending
an additional program sponsored by the University while that person is on campus;
or (e) has engaged in prohibited conduct at a time when he/she met the criteria of (a),
b), (c), or (d).
University” means the University of Houston.
University officials” means those persons in an official university capacity or
those who have been given the authority and the responsibility by the appropriate
agency or person, including regents, officers, faculty, and administrative staff.
University grounds” means property owned, leased, controlled, used, or
occupied by the University including property physically removed from campus.
Will” and “shall” are used in the imperative sense.