Page 5 - codeofconduct

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Application and Jurisdiction
Students may be disciplined by the University for violating any of the conduct
standards on University grounds or off University grounds when the incident occurs
in connection with a University sponsored or affiliated activity or program, when
the incident has a substantial connection to the interests of the University, when the
incident poses a threat of serious harm to any member of the University community, or
when the behavior is prohibited by University policy regardless of where it occurs, even
if the student is or may be penalized by civil or criminal authorities for the same act.
University disciplinary action may be instituted against a student charged with
conduct that potentially violates both criminal law and University policy without
regard to pending civil litigation or criminal arrest and prosecution. At the discretion
of the Dean of Students, University disciplinary proceedings may be carried out prior
to, simultaneously with, or following criminal proceedings. Determinations made
and/or sanctions imposed as a result of University disciplinary proceedings will
not be subject to change because criminal charges arising out of the same facts that
resulted in the violation of University rules were dismissed, reduced, or resolved in
favor of or against a criminal law defendant.
Students are subject to University disciplinary action for prohibited conduct
that occurs while the student is participating in off-campus activities sponsored by
or affiliated with the University including, but not limited to, field trips, retreats, and
study abroad programs.
Students are subject to University disciplinary action if the student withdraws
from classes while a conduct matter is pending.
Any conduct that is a potential violation of the University’s Sexual Misconduct
Policy or Discrimination and Harassment Policy will be exclusively processed,
investigated and addressed pursuant to those policies and not this Student Code of
Conduct. However, if a student is found to be in violation of the University’s Sexual
Misconduct Policy or Discrimination and Harassment Policy, and s/he wishes to
appeal any sanction(s) imposed by the Dean of Student’s Office, his/her appeal shall
be brought pursuant to the appeal section of this Student Code of Conduct.
Appellate Officer” includes the Dean of Students, Associate Dean of Students,
Associate Director of Residential Life and/or their respective designees.
Associate Dean” means the Associate Dean of Students.
Assistant Dean” means the Assistant Dean of Students.
Board” means the University Hearing Board.