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University of Houston
Student Code of Conduct
The University of Houston, as an educational institution, has a special set of interests
and purposes essential to its effective functioning. These include; (a) the opportunity
for students to attain their educational objectives, (b) the creation and maintenance
of an intellectual and educational atmosphere throughout the University, and (c) the
protection of the health, safety, welfare, property, and human rights of all members
of the University, and the property of the university itself. In the area of student
conduct, the University has a clear responsibility to protect and promote the pursuit
of its goals. The Student Code of Conduct emphasizes the University’s commitment
to promote the freedom, intellectual development, and personal responsibility of its
The Student Code of Conduct sets forth those acts that constitute unacceptable
conduct for students of the University. All alleged violations of the Student Code of
Conduct may result in referral to the Dean of Students Office for disciplinary action.
The University of Houston supports the concept of educational discipline - educating
the student through appropriate sanctioning when circumstances permit; but should
the student demonstrate an unwillingness to obey the rules governing conduct,
the student will be treated in the same manner as one who has failed academically.
Students are expected to adhere to, and will be held accountable for adhering to, all
federal, state, and local laws in addition to all University policies and regulations not
mentioned herein.
A student admitted to the University of Houston accepts the responsibility to
conform to all University of Houston rules and regulations. Proven failure to meet
this obligation will justify appropriate disciplinary action including, but not limited
to, expulsion, suspension, disciplinary probation, reprimand or warning. Although
the University will make every reasonable effort to make the rules and regulations
available, students are responsible for becoming familiar with them.
The University of Houston student conduct process is the responsibility of the Dean
of Students Office. The Associate Dean of Students, under the direction of the Dean
of Students, will supervise the implementation of the student conduct process and