Page 36 - codeofconduct

‒ 34 ‒
In relation to the foregoing statements, sexually harassing behavior may include, but
is not limited to, the following:
unwelcome sexual flirtations, advances, propositions, or leering; favoritism based
on a sexual relationship (or adverse impact on other members of a group);
verbal remarks of a sexual nature whether directed to an individual or a group, or
in the guise of humor, including sexually explicit derogatory remarks, suggestive
comments, demands, or jokes found to be offensive or objectionable to the
use of sexually oriented photos, posters, cartoons, materials, or themes unrelated
to instruction and/or the pursuit of knowledge;
graphic or degrading verbal, written, or electronic comments of a sexual nature
about an individual or the individual’s appearance;
any suggestive or unwelcome physical contact; any aggressiveness such as
touching, pinching, or patting; or
actual or threatened physical assault.
Sexual harassment, it must be understood, is not limited by gender of either party,
nor by superior-subordinate relationships. The fact that the parties may have had a
previous consensual sexual relationship is not a defense against a complaint based on
subsequent unwelcome sexually harassing behavior.
The University of Houston’s Sexual Harassment Policy does not proscribe all
conduct of a sexual nature on the campus; thus, it is important to clearly define
sexual harassment: only unwelcome sexual conduct constitutes a violation. Conduct
is unwelcome if the recipient did not solicit or incite it and regarded the conduct
as undesirable or offensive. In other words, it is not the intent behind the sexual
behavior that controls rather, it is the impact on the recipient, i.e., the unwelcomeness
of the behavior that matters.
Reporting Sexual Harassment
If a student believes that he/she or someone else is a victim of sexual harassment, that
student should inform an academic office and/or the Office of Affirmative Action/
EEO immediately. The Office of Affirmative Action/EEO is located in Student
Service Building II, Suite 154, 713.743.8835.
University Action
The University is prepared to take preventive and corrective action in cases of sexual
harassment; individuals who engage in such misconduct and/or retaliation are subject
to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment,
removal of tenure and/or expulsion from the University.