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UH Philosophy Regarding Hazing
The University of Houston believes that true human development can best occur in
an atmosphere of social and ethical responsibility.
The university views responsible pre-initiation activity as a positive educational
approach to preparation for student organization membership.
The university views hazing activities as not contributing to the positive
development or welfare of the individual.
Therefore, the University of Houston recognizes acts of hazing as irresponsible,
intolerable and inconsistent with the principles of higher education and basic
human development and may be illegal.
UHHazing Policy
Hazing Defined
Hazing is defined as any action taken or situation created which, regardless of intent
or consent of the participants:
Produces or is reasonably likely to produce, bodily harm or danger, mental
or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, fright, humiliation or
ridicule, or otherwise compromises the dignity of an individual;
Compels an individual to participate in any activity which is unlawful and/
or contrary to the rules, policies and regulations of the University;
Will, unreasonably or unusually, impair an individual’s academic efforts,
Occurs on or off campus.
All students are strictly prohibited from engaging in any hazing activity.
Examples of actions and activities
which are explicitly prohibited include but
are not limited to the following:
Compelling individuals to consume alcohol or drugs.
Paddling in any form, shoving or otherwise striking individuals.
Compelling individuals to wear or carry unusual, uncomfortable, degrading
or physically burdensome articles or apparel.
Compelling individuals to engage in sexual behaviors, sexual or racial
harassment or slurs, or exhibitionism.
Depriving individuals of the opportunity for sufficient sleep, decent edible
meals or access to means of bodily cleanliness.
Activities which impair an individual’s academic efforts by causing