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‒ 21 ‒
Alcohol Policy
As an institution interested in the intellectual, physical, and psychological well-being
of the campus community, the University of Houston deems it important to curtail
the abusive or illegal use of alcoholic beverages. All members of the University of
Houston community and guests are required to comply with federal, state, and local
laws regarding the distribution, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Such laws include the following:
An individual under 21 years old commits an offense if he purchases, consumes,
or possesses alcohol.
A person commits an offense if he purchases, gives, or knowingly makes alcohol
available to an individual under 21 years.
A person under 21 years commits an offense if he falsely states that he is 21 years
of age or older or presents any document that indicates that he is 21 years of age
or older to a person selling or serving alcoholic beverages.
A person commits an offense if he appears in public under the influence of
alcohol to the degree that the person may endanger himself or another.
A person commits an offense if he is intoxicated while driving or operating a
motor vehicle in public.
The sale of any type of alcoholic beverage is prohibited unless the seller possesses
a valid license or permit. Selling includes, but is not limited to, including the
price of alcoholic beverages in the admission price, and/or giving away the
alcoholic beverage but charging for the food.
Civil liability may attach to a social host serving alcohol to an intoxicated
individual who later injures himself or another.
It is university policy that the possession, consumption, and/or distribution of any
alcoholic or intoxicating beverage in an open receptacle or a container which has been
opened is prohibited in any public area of the University of Houston campus except at:
Events for students (including events planned by staff or faculty for students
and events sponsored by students or student organizations) authorized by
the Dean of Students Office in accordance with the Alcohol Distribution
Policy in the official UH Student Handbook;
Faculty/staff events authorized by the President, Vice Presidents, Associate
or Assistant Vice Presidents, Deans or Academic Department Chairs; and
The Hilton University of Houston Hotel and on-campus restaurant or food
service areas where alcohol is legally distributed or sold.
The term public area is defined as campus parking lots, campus grounds or any
outside enclosed area or portion thereof, to which the public is invited or given
general unrestricted access, as well as the inside classrooms, lobbies, lounges, corridors
and restrooms of the campus buildings.