Page 20 - codeofconduct

‒ 18 ‒
priority over all other duties of the student. The student will respond at the time and
place set by the Dean of Students or designee unless arrangements are made because
of extraordinary circumstances. Failure to report or respond as directed by the Dean
of Students or designee on any matter shall constitute a separate violation of this
Code and may result in disciplinary action.
University Hearing Board Appearances
The Dean of Students or designee shall have the authority to require a student to
appear before the University Hearing Board at a designated time and place when
the student’s presence is necessary to resolve a question which is before the Board.
The Dean of Students or designee shall have the authority to require the student to
produce such items as are relevant to the adjudication.
Official Withdrawal from the University of Houston
The Dean of Students Office may place a disciplinary hold on the records and future
enrollment of any student who withdraws from the University prior to the resolution
of pending disciplinary action. The Dean of Students Office may also place a notation
on the student’s official transcript indicating that,“Disciplinary proceedings are
pending at the University of Houston.” Students remain subject to the jurisdiction of
the Student Disciplinary Procedures even if they withdraw from the University while
disciplinary proceedings are pending.
An appeal is not an opportunity to re-hear the original conduct case and will
not be granted based on a respondent’s disagreement with the outcome of the original
conduct case.
An appeal may only be based upon the following grounds:
New information, not available at the time of the original hearing, was
discovered and such new information could affect the decision rendered in
the original conduct case.
Procedural error that resulted in material harm or prejudice to the student
i.e., by preventing a fair, impartial, or proper hearing). Deviations from the
designated procedures will not be a basis for sustaining an appeal unless
material harm or prejudice results.
The sanction imposed as the result of the original hearing was excessively
severe in relation to the violation that the student was found to have
committed. Appeals submitted on a claim that the sanction was excessively
severe do not have bearing on the finding of “in violation” and relate only to
the sanctions imposed.