Page 18 - codeofconduct

‒ 16 ‒
is imposed for a definite period of time. Probation will be noted on the student’s
permanent record during the period of probation.
Revocation of Admission and/or Degree may be imposed for fraud,
misrepresentation, or other violations of University rules in obtaining admission or a
degree, or for other serious violations committed by an applicant or by a student prior
to the awarding of the degree.
Educational Programs or Assignments are sanctions designed to develop and/
or expand a student’s understanding of a University rule or policy and/or support the
student’s learning in relation to the rule or policy that was violated.
Reprimand is an official written notification retained in a student’s disciplinary
file designed to inform the student that their behavior has been unacceptable.
Restitution or compensation for loss, theft, deception, damage or injury which
may take the form or appropriate service and/or monetary or material replacement.
Warning is a sanction which advises a student that they have engaged in
behavior that is unbecoming of a member of the University community. This sanction
remains in effect for a specified period of time, after which, it may be removed from
the student’s conduct record at the student’s request. Any further misconduct during
a sanction of warning may result in additional disciplinary action.
Other Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, disenrollment,
imposition of mandatory counseling requirements, no contact orders, restrictions
from specific areas in University buildings and/or on University grounds, restrictions
from participating in intercollegiate athletics, extracurricular activities, and residential
life activities; monetary fines; community service; disciplinary room change for
residence students, and/or ban or removal from University housing facilities.
Students may also be required to meet periodically with a person designated by the
Hearing Officer.
Interim Suspension
The Dean of Students or designee may immediately suspend a student
on an interim basis prior to a hearing when the Dean of Students or designee has
reasonable cause to believe that the student’s presence on University premises or at a
University-related or registered student organization activity poses a significant risk
of substantial harm to the safety or security of themselves, others, or to property,
the student may be immediately suspended from all or any portion of University
premises, University-related activities or registered student organization activities.
This temporary suspension will be confirmed in writing and shall remain in effect
until the conclusion of a Disciplinary Conference or Hearing Board hearing, without
undue delay, in accordance with the Student Disciplinary Rules.
The Hearing Officer will notify the student(s) of the interim suspension. This
notice will include a statement of the regulation(s) that the student allegedly violated,