Page 15 - codeofconduct

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members appointed by the Staff Council.
There will be at least ten alternate members: at least three student alternates
appointed by the Student Government Association, at least three student alternates
appointed by the Residence Halls Association, at least two faculty alternates
appointed by the Faculty Senate, and at least two staff alternates appointed by the
Staff Council.
A quorum shall consist of five persons, at least three of which shall be students
and one shall be faculty or staff. If a quorum is not met and at least three people
are present with one being a student, the respondent may request that the hearing
proceed with those members present.
The Chair must be a selected from the student members present at a scheduled
hearing. The student selected by the Board to serve as Chair shall serve for the
duration of the scheduled hearing.
All members of the board must be in good standing with the University.
The Associate Dean of Students may remove a Board member for justifiable
cause. A Board member may appeal their removal to the Dean of Students.
If a Board member resigns, cannot serve, or is removed from office, the
Associate Dean of Students will select one of the alternates to fill the vacancy.
Hearing Procedures
The following procedural guidelines shall be applicable in disciplinary hearings:
At least three business days prior to the hearing, the Hearing Officer will
make available to the respondent(s) copies of documents relevant to the case and a list
of witnesses.
The respondent is entitled to be accompanied and assisted by an advisor. An
advisor may be an attorney, but who sits in an advisory capacity and who addresses
the Board only upon permission from the Chair. Respondents who wish to have
an attorney attend the hearing as their advisor shall notify the Hearing Officer of
the attorney’s name and contact information at least three business days prior to
the hearing. If the respondent’s advisor is an attorney, the University may have a
University attorney present at the disciplinary hearing. An advisor may not appear in
lieu of a respondent.
In the event that the University chooses to proceed through legal counsel, the
respondent will be notified at least three business days prior to the hearing and shall
also have the right to proceed through counsel. Counsel for a respondent may not
appear in lieu of the respondent.
Hearings of the University Hearing Board will be closed to the public except
when the respondent requests an open hearing and such a request is approved. This
request must be made in writing to the Hearing Officer at least three business days
prior to the hearing.