Discovery Workshops: Webinar Instructions


 View a schedule of upcoming Discovery Workshop Webinars. They will be denoted as “WEBINAR”. Those that occur on campus will be denoted as “Face-to-Face”.

  To access the webinars, please follow the instructions below.

STEP by STEP Instructions

You may skip STEP 1 if you already installed WIMBA on your computer or laptop.

STEP 1.  Run Setup Wizard.  This typically takes a few minutes so we recommend that you run the wizard at leat 15 minutes before your scheduled Webinar start time. If you have access to the computer you will be using to login into the webinar then we advise you to run the wizard 24 hrs ahead of time to test your system and update any supporting software as needed.

1. Go to:

2. Click on the “run the Setup Wizard” on the right side of the screen.  The wizard check to make sure your computer is configured properly for Java, audio, etc.  Note you may need to temporarily allow pop-ups for the wizard to run.

You do not need to perform the microphone audio test since you will not use a microphone during the webinar.  Note that only the presenter will be using a microphone.  All students should mute their microphones and only type in the lower left text chat area to communicate with the presenter.

3. Having Problems with your set-up?  Then call 24/7 Technical Support line for WIMBA Classroom: phone 1-866-350-4978

STEP 2. Browse Participant Guide.  If you have not previously used WIMBA Classroom then browse the Guide.

Link to WIMBA Classroom Participant Guide: 

STEP 3. Login to WEBINAR. 15 minutes prior to its beginning and complete the following:

1. Go to:  

2. Click “Participant Login”

3. Use the top Name login field since you do not have a password.  Type in your name in this format: 
First Name (space) Last Name

4. You are now in the Lobby and will see a list of “Open Rooms”.  Scroll down the alphabetical list to the "Discovery" room listings to find the respective WIMBA virtual classroom. View list in the box below.

Example: “Discovery Science, Engineering, and Computing is the name of the WIMBA classroom for the workshop on "Resources to Support Your Research in Science, Engineering & Computing"

5. Click on the appropriate name to enter the virtual classroom.

6. Your name will appear in the class roster and you will see title slide for the WEBINAR in the main window.

7. Use lower left chat area to respond to questions and sounds checks from the moderator.  Wait until the presenter joins the WEBINAR session.

NOTE:  If you cannot hear the presenter, then check your computer sound settings to make sure that the volume is turned ON and mute is OFF.  Set your browser to allow pop-ups. If you still cannot hear the presenter then EXIT the room and run the wizard again and then log back in to the classroom.

List of Wimba Classrooms for Discovery Workshops

  • Discovery Business - Resources to Support Your Research in Business
  • Discovery Effective Powerpoint Presentations - Developing Effective PowerPoint Presentations
  • Discovery Humanities and Social Sciences - Resources to Support your Research in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Discovery Research Management and Ethics - Intro. Research Project Management & Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Discovery Science, Engineering and Computing - Resources to Support Your Research in Science, Engineering & Computing