Research Café : Cybersecurity

 Research Café

 An interactive discussion on
 Cybersecurity Featuring
 Dr. Dennis Adams

 Wed, Nov. 14, 4:00pm at Cougar Grounds, Hilton Hotel
 Free coffee and snacks provided

 What are Research Cafes?

 Research Cafes are informal, interactive discussions open to everyone interested in the topic being  presented. Participation in the dialogue between the audience and the speaker is strongly encouraged.

 Who should attend?

  ALL MAJORS interested in discussing the challenges and solutions to cybersecurity

 What will be discussed?

  • Primary challenges to ensuring cyber security
  • History and current overview of topic.
  • Case studies and current research being done on the topic.
  • Solutions to cyber security threats, impact of cyber attacks on society, government, economics, etc.
  • Opportunities in every field to combat the issue and what students can do to combat cyber security threats

About Dr. Dennis Adams

 Dennis A. Adams is a faculty member in the Decision and  Information Sciences Department in the Bauer College of Business  at the University of Houston. He graduated from Texas Tech  University in 1988 and has published articles in journals such as  Interfaces, Journal of Information Systems Research, Data Base,  MIS Quarterly, and Information and Management. He is co-author of  books entitled Managing an Information System, Introduction to  Business Computing, and Internet for Business. Today, Dennis'  research interests include the effects of and techniques associated  with valuing the “bottom-line” contribution IT makes to organizations,  issues revolving around IT governance and alignment and the study  of the content and impact of leaders’ vision statements on  organizational performance.


 Moderated by: Fellowship of Tier One Scholars
 Hosted by: UH Learning through Discovery, contact Dan Cato,