eDISCOVERY Information for Students

eDISCOVERY is the portal to searchable databases that will facilitate connections between UH students, the campus community, the Houston area community, and beyond.  eDISCOVERY can also be used to RSVP for Discovery Workshops.

The Discovery website and eDISCOVERY together provide a one-stop information resource for students, faculty, staff, and the community.  The "Research Postings" and "Events" sections of eDISCOVERY are now available. Enrolled students may register via the eDISCOVERY portal. Click on "Student LOG-IN" tab and complete registration form. Click on links below to view flash videos and FAQs before you begin using eDISCOVERY:


Before you log-in to eDISCOVERY for the first time, please review these videos and FAQs:

eDISCOVERY for Students

With an eDISCOVERY account, students will be able to:

  • Register for Discovery Workshops & Events

Discovery Workshops help you to sharpen your research skills and learn about research tools and resources. 

  • Search and apply for UH research opportunities

On campus research opportunities include those available in faculty laboratories, research institutes & centers, and campus offices.

  • Search and apply for research internships in Houston and beyond (available soon)

Off campus research opportunities include those available the Texas Medical Center, NASA Johnson Space Center and its contractors, non-profit organizations, government agencies, companies in the energy sector and other industries, etc. Research opportunities may also be available throughout Texas, other states, and abroad.

  • Search the Reality Chats Speakers Bureau (available soon)

Attend Reality Chats organized at the university, college, department, or course level. Invite prospective guest speakers for your student organization’s meetings and events.  The Reality Chats Speakers Bureau will include UH faculty and staff, and off-campus professionals, artists, scholars, and alumni who are interested in sharing their career paths and ways they apply research skills in their profession. 

  • Search the Real-World Team Projects Registry (available soon)
Real-World Team Projects will be available for class projects or student organization service project.  The Real-World Team Projects Registry will include team projects submitted by campus labs and office and Houston area non-profit organizations, small businesses, K-12 schools, government agencies, and industry.  The searchable registry will be available to course instructors and student organization leaders.