eDISCOVERY Information for Faculty and Staff

eDISCOVERY is the portal to searchable databases that will facilitate connections between students, the campus community, and the Houston area community.   The Discovery website and eDISCOVERY together provide a one-stop information resource for students, faculty, staff, and the community. 

UH faculty and staff may register via the eDISCOVERY portal. Click on the"Research Mentor LOG-IN" tab and complete registration form.



eDISCOVERY for Faculty and Staff


When all features of eDiscovery are fully operational, faculty and staff will be able to:

  • Post on-campus research opportunities

Students will be able o search, review, and apply for opportunities in laboratories, research institutes & centers, and campus offices. Types of positions vary and include volunteer, credit-bearing, credit-bearing, research scholarships and fellowships, research assistantships, and internships. 

  • Search resume books for prospective student researchers

Students will be able upload their resumes into eDiscovery for inclusion in the searchable electronic resume books.  Faculty and staff can search for students who have the appropriate background and meet the requirements for their research projects. 

  • Submit a project or search the Real-World Team Projects Registry

The Real-World Team Projects Registry will include team projects submitted by campus labs and office and Houston area non-profit organizations, small businesses, K-12 schools, government agencies, and industry.  The searchable registry will be available to course instructors and students.  Projects can be assigned to student teams in capstone or other research-intensive courses.

  • Register as a speaker or search the Reality Chats Speaker Bureau

The Reality Chats Speakers Bureau will include UH faculty and staff, and off-campus professionals, artists, scholars, and alumni who are interested in sharing their career paths and ways they apply research skills in their profession.  Faculty, staff and student organization leaders can search the Reality Chats Speakers Bureau to find guest speakers for classes, club meetings, and department and college events.