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Assess and Address Writing Support
This module involves a peer-tutoring program for students who are deemed particularly in need of writing assistance.  Students are selected for the program based on an assessment of writing samples written according to a genre or topic specific to the student’s chosen field, and evaluated according to criteria determined by faculty within that field in collaboration with Writing Center staff.  Once identified, students are supported through a program of weekly writing tutorials with a peer writing consultant. The tutorials target the students’ personal writing issues and aim to increase their confidence and effectiveness in writing within their discipline.

Curricular Mapping
The Writing Center stands by a philosophical conviction that “writing is thinking,” and in order to support writing instruction throughout the university curriculum, Writing Center specialists emphasize the formative role writing plays in knowledge creation. Writing Center pedagogy experts are available to review college and department course offerings to add opportunities for meaningful, contextual writing assignments and instruction.  

Writing Studios
Providing students with a more intense and in-depth writing experience, writing studios are made up of small groups of students who meet weekly to discuss the writing process of their course writing assignments.  Although a Writing Center facilitator is present to make sure that discussion remains focused and to provide guidance when necessary, the studio is student driven through peer interactiojn.  By participating in writing studios, students not only have a support system to aid them in the writing process – from answering questions about the assignment to revising final drafts – but they also develop collaboration skills  essential in the professional world.

Mentored Research Writing Workshops
 This series of workshops is designed to instruct undergraduates who are participating in a faculty-mentored research project.  Led by experienced Writing Center instructors, the interactive workshops familiarize students with literature review and research report writing methods, styles, formats, and other conventions for publishing within their discipline.

Oral Communication Support
The Writing Center can provide support to faculty by providing input on the design of oral presentation assignment prompts and evaluation rubrics.  Student support can be delivered in the form of group or individual practice and consultation sessions utilizing the video-recording equipment and rooms available at the Writing Center.  Writing Center instructors can also provide stand-alone or course-integrated workshops on PowerPoint composition and other communication techniques.

Teaching Assistant Training
 In order to support the consistent application of evaluation standards and ensure that grading practices are constructive to student learning, the Writing Center offers training services for teaching assistants and instructional assistants. Experienced Writing Center pedagogy specialists offer in-service workshops that assist TAs in developing and applying standardized grading rubrics in their efforts to assess student writing. Services can include follow-up training, consultations, or online resources to support teaching assistants in managing their workload throughout the semester. Training modules may include the following formats.

  1. Incorporated in WebCT, the online training module will include basic information for all TAs, which may include, training videos, podcasting, and synchronous conferencing, as well as other methods of online technology.
  2. Through large group (whole class) and small group (writing studios) discussions, the workshop module will address issues such as classroom management issues as designing and grading assignments, creating rubrics, and mentoring undergraduate students.
  3. The teacher-trainee field training or practicum module will allow first time TAs to spend their first semester observing experienced TAs’ in their classes or labs and/or working as near-peer tutors for students in a particular course.