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The UH Libraries offer resources and services to support information literacy training.  Many are available for immediate implementation in existing courses.  Contact your subject librarian for assistance. Faculty who are developing QEP proposals and wish to incorporate information literacy training should contact the appropriate library staff early in the proposal  planning process.


Library Instruction Sessions
The UH Libraries offer instruction tailored to specific classes based on faculty requests. Librarians are available to teach research sessions tailored to specific courses and assignments. Sessions can focus on using databases, finding full-text articles, searching the Internet, and evaluating information. Faculty may schedule one of these sessions during their normal class time using our Instruction Session Request Form
Contact: Subject Librarians

Primary Source Materials Instruction
The Library’s Special Collections department has a rich collection of rare books and archival materials.  Special Collections librarians can work with faculty to create class sessions that introduce students to these materials.
Contact: Julie Grob  |  |  713.743.9744

Assignment Consultation
The most effective way to help students using information resources effectively is to give students assignments that requires them using relevant resources. Subject librarians can work with faculty in creating assignments that help students learn a spectrum of information resources that would help them succeed academically.
Contact: Subject Librarians

Embedded Librarian
A research librarian can be embedded in a course.  That is the librarian can collaborate in-depth with faculty starting from initial class design and continuing throughout the entire semester to bring information literacy skills to our students by integrating these skills into the curriculum.
Example from literature
Contact: Subject Librarians

Development of Research Subject Portals
Research librarians can work with faculty to develop a web-based portal of electronic information resources customized for a course.  Subject Research Portals can be delivered to students through WebCT, course, or departmental websites.
Contact: Subject Librarians

Development of Online Tutorials
Research librarians can work with faculty to create online tutorials (text based and multimedia videos) to demonstrate research concepts, various information resources and their effective use.
Contact: Subject Librarians
Presentation Consultation
Assistance with creating your classroom or research conference presentation.
Contact: Lee Andrew Hilyer |  |   713-743-9721