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UH Educational Technology FDIP Grant Program


FDIP Grant Program

FDIP Overview
The Faculty Development Initiative Program (FDIP) provides significant financial and instructional assistance to UH faculty engaged in innovative teaching with technology. The FDIP program is administered through Educational Technology and University Outreach (ETUO) for the office of the Executive Associate Vice President for Academic and Faculty Affairs. Over $350,000 was awarded to faculty in FY 2007 and again in FY 2008.

FDIP Award Tracks
There are three tracks of award submissions. FDIP A and FDIP B categories are intended to focus on innovation and enhancement of courses being delivered utilizing technology.  These grant periods are for one year.

A special class of award, the FDIP Technology and Retention Research (TRR) award is offered as an incentive for a faculty team to integrate technology into the teaching/learning environment for the purpose of improving student retention. The TRR team will be expected to develop a rigorous assessment plan that can form the basis for a significant research product. The TRR award will span a two year start to finish execution time. This award is particularly competitive as only one project will be funded.

For information about applying for an award, eligibility and types of awards granted go to . The submission period for FY 2009 will open up late Fall 2009.