QEP Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

PIs and Co-PIs teaching FY10 QEP-funded courses should use the forms and tools below as instructed in the Guidelines for QEP-Funded Curriculum Development Projects FY2010. The Evidence Inventory Form should be completed for each course in consulation with your assigned assessment specialist.

UPDATE: All FY10 QEP PIs should complete the QEP Rubric Scores for Spring 2011 courses. Score sheets were emailed to PIs.

Questions should be directed to Dr. Veronique Tran at

QEP Student Learning Outcomes - Assessment Tools

Research Definition & QEP Student Learning Outcomes (overview PDF)

Course Evidence Inventory Form (last updated Spring 2010)

Guidelines for Using QEP Rubrics for Scoring Student Work (last updated Spring 2011)

Rubric Scoresheet Template (last updated Spring 2011)

QEP Project PI Final Report Template (posted 6.8.11)

QEP Expense Summary Report (posted 6.8.11)

QEP Disciplinary Rubrics (last updated Spring 2009)

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