Projects for 2013-2014 QEP Curriculum Development Grant Program

Twenty-four (24) projects will be implemented in 2013-2014.  The program supports faculty efforts to enhance existing undergraduate courses or develop new courses that incorporate inquiry-based pedagogy or research practicum training.   Projects range from enhancement of core and major course to broader department and college initiatives which span multiple courses and levels. Approximately 4,900 students are expected to directly benefit from these projects. View QEP FY13 Assessment Toolkit.

QEP Projects Awarded FY 2013

COLLEGE OF architecture

“Building Connectivity: Design Research and Community Outreach”
EunSook Kwon, Industrial Design
Mark Kimbrough, Industrial Design


“Community-based Research through Critical Ethnography”
Samuel Brower, Curriculum and Instruction
Amy Mulholland, Curriculum and Instruction
Dustine Thomas, Curriculum and Instruction

“Inquiries on the Practice of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education in Multilingual Context”
Leslie Gauna, Curriculum and Instruction

“Enhancing Undergraduate Research Skills During an Internship Service Experience”
Norma Olvera, Educational Psychology
Nathalie Folch, Educational Psychology

COLLEGE OF Hotel & Restaurant Management

“Introducing Research to Future Hospitality Leaders”
Priyanko Guchait, Hotel & Restaurant Management
Camille Kapoor, Hotel & Restaurant Management

“Integrating Research-Based Learning in Hospitality Managerial Accounting Education”
Nan Hua, Hotel & Restaurant Management


“WGSS Curriculum Development”
Dina Alsowayel, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGSS)
Rachel Afi Quinn, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGSS)
Guillermo de los Reyes, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGSS)
Elizabeth Gregory, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGSS)

“Research based Enhancements in the Statistics and Econometrics Courses”
Ruxandra Boul, Economics
Rebecca Thornton, Economics
Brett Jiu, Economics

“Flipping Humanities Classrooms: New Models for Online Pedagogy”
Ann Christensen, English
Lynn Voskuil, English

“Development of New Course on the History of Mental Illness in the West since the Enlightenment”
Hannah Decker, History

“An Inquiry Based Learning Approach for the Typical and Disordered Language Sequence in the Undergraduate Communication Sciences and Disorders Curriculum”
Martha Dunkelberger, Communication Sciences and Disorders (COMD)

Applied Nutrition Policy: The Interaction of Science & Practice”
Daphne Hernandez, Health & Human Performance

“World War I in Visual Culture”
Julia Kleinheider, Modern & Classical Languages

“Enhancing Visual Presentations and Student Research in Core Courses on Spain”
Maria Elena SoliƱo, Hispanic Studies


“Writing Instruction Enhancements for Physics Advanced Laboratory Sequence”
Rebecca Forrest, Physics
Seamus Curran, Physics
Donna Stokes, Physics

“New Laboratory Course on Advanced Synthetic Chemistry”
Ognjen Miljanic, Chemistry
Jeremy A. May, Chemistry
Don Coltart, Chemistry

“An Inquiry Based Approach for University Physics I Laboratories”
Donna Stokes, Physics
Rebecca Forrest, Physics
Lowell Wood, Physics

“Inquiry-based Learning for Computer Science Students in the Data Structures and Algorithms”
Rakesh Verma, Computer Science

“Integrating GPS and LiDAR Into Undergraduate Geoscience Education at UH”
Guoquan Wang, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

“Virtual Field Trips and Field Work in Physical Geology”
Virginia Sisson, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Shuhab Khan, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences


“Integrating Information-driven Research Into An Undergraduate Bioinformatics Course”
Fatima Merchant, Engineering Technology

“Introducing Project-based Research into ELET 2300 C++ Programming”
Heidar Malki, Engineering Technology
Ricardo Lent, Engineering Technology


“Undergraduate Research in Human Rights Violations in a Global Context”
Irene Guenther, Phronesis and Medicine & Society Programs
Shasta Jones, Medicine & Society Program

“Undergraduate Global Health Research of Neglected Tropical Diseases with Summer Student Research Abroad in Haiti”
Shasta Jones, Medicine & Society Program
Helen Valier, Medicine & Society Program