Projects for 2012-2013 QEP Curriculum Development Grant Program

Nineteen (19) projects will be implemented in 2012-2013.  The program supports faculty efforts to enhance existing undergraduate courses or develop new courses that incorporate inquiry-based pedagogy or research practicum training.   Projects range from enhancement of core and major course to broader department and college initiatives which span multiple courses and levels. Approximately 4,800 students are expected to directly benefit from these projects. View QEP FY12 Assessment Toolkit.

QEP Projects Awarded FY 2012

COLLEGE OF architecture

 “Integration of Qualitative Research into Experimental Design Studio”
Eunsook Kwon, Industrial Design
Adam Wells, Industrial Design

College of BUSINESS

 “Improving the Articulation of Research: Undergraduate Peer Review E-Journal & Student Conference”
Long S. Le, Finance/Global Studies Program

 “Bringing Globalization Home: A Comprehensive Undergraduate Research Experience”
Andra Olivia Miljanic, Finance/Global Studies Program

 “Technology Project Management Research Support”
Paul Pennington, Decision & Information Sciences
Michael Parks, Decision & Information Sciences


 “Inquiry-based Learning for Undergraduate Petroleum Engineers”
Thomas K. Holley, Petroleum Engineering Program
Ramanan Pitchumani, Petroleum Engineering Program

 “Introduction of Research Methods to an ECE Sophomore Circuits Course”
Leonard Trombetta, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Diana de la Rosa-Pohl, Electrical and Computer Engineering


 “Comparative Cultural Studies, Anthropology Program QEP Proposal”
Kenneth L. Brown, Comparative Cultural Studies
Randolph J. Windmer, Comparative Cultural Studies
Rebecca Storey, Comparative Cultural Studies

 “Editing and Publishing in Cuba: A Comparative Approach”
Mabel Cuesta, Hispanic Studies
Anadeli Bencomo, Hispanic Studies

 “Anthropology and Family Health: An Interdisciplinary Perspective”
Janis F. Hutchinson, Comparative Cultural Studies
Andrew Gordon, Comparative Cultural Studies
Jill Yamasaki, Communication
Jon Lorence, Sociology

 “Shakespeare: Major Works”
David Mikics, English

 “Clinical Topics in Sociology of Global Health & Technology”
Courtney M. Queen, Abramson Center and Dept. Sociology

 “Creative Writing - The Informed Imagination”
Jose Ramon Ruisanchez, Hispanic Studies
Pedro Gutierrez, Hispanic Studies

 “Using Studio Groups to Enhance Research in Hybrid Versions of ENGL 3301”
Lynn Voskuil, English
Cedric Tolliver, English


 “Introduction to Proteomics and Genomics”
Xiaolian Gao, Biology and Biochemistry
Bing Zhu, Biology and Biochemistry

 “Multilevel, Vertical Enhancement of Human Anatomy and Physiology Pedagogy”
Tejendra Gill, Biology and Biochemistry
Chad Wayne, Biology and Biochemistry

 “Enhancing Undergraduate Research in Computer Science”
Ioannis Kakadiaris, Computer Science
Shishir K. Shah, Computer Science

 “Neural Activity and Neurological Disorders”
Jokubas Ziburkus, Biology and Biochemistry

College of Technology

 “The Principle and Design of Fuel Cell Technology”
Anima Bose, Engineering Technology

 “Developing HRD Competencies through Service Learning: An Instructional Design Project with the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council”
Tomika W. Greer, Human Development & Consumer Services
Holly M. Hutchins, Human Development & Consumer Services