Projects for 2010-2011 QEP Curriculum Development Grant Program

Twentyprojects have been selected for implementation in 2010-2011.  The program supports faculty efforts to enhance existing undergraduate courses or develop new courses that incorporate inquiry-based pedagogy or research practicum training.   Projects range from enhancement of core and major course to broader department and college initiatives which span multiple courses and levels.

Approximately 7,400 students are expected to directly benefit from these courses annually.  Learn more about the 2010-2011QEP Projects and research-enhanced courses:


QEP Projects Awarded FY 2010

College of Architecture

“Systems Integration and the Building Performance Laboratory”
Leonard Bachman, Architecture

“Interactive Design and Technology Research: From Ideation to Implementation”
EunSook Kwon, Industrial Design
Farrokh Attarzadeh, Engineering Technology

College of EDUCATION

“Integrating an Introductory Research Experience into a Practicum Course”
Sharon Johnson, Educational Psychology/Human Development & Family Studies
Andrea Burridge, Educational Psychology/Human Development & Family Studies

“College and Career Readiness Action Research Project”
Cameron White, Curriculm and Instruction
Traci Jensen, Curriculm and Instruction
Sabrina Marsh, Curriculm and Instruction
Amy Mulholland, Curriculm and Instruction


“Research Experience in Freshman Engineering Courses”
Diana de la Rosa Pohl, Electrical & Computer Engineering

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

“Research-Based Cultural Inquiry Project: For Intermediate Spanish, Intermediate Spanish, Intermediate French”
Aymara Boggiano, Hispanic Studies
Nina Tucci, Modern and Classical Languages - French
Anjana Singhal, CLASS Office of Educational Technology

“Latin American Studies Capstone: Studying and Experiencing Mexico City”
Susan Kellogg, History
Anadeli Bencomo, Hispanic Studies
Rex Koontz, School of Art

 “Researching the Social Body: Qualitative Investigation”
Samantha Kwan, Sociology

“Health Psychology Education Program”
Qian Lu, Psychology
Christiane Spitzmuller, Psychology

 “Robin Hood: From Medieval Outlaw to Postmodern Media Center  - A Research Based Upper Division English Course”
Lorraine Stock, English

“Cosmic Narratives: An ILAS Course”
Barry Wood, English

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

“Guided Research in Physics Advanced Laboratory Course”
Rebecca Forrest, Physics
Seamus Curran, Physics

“Comparison of Energy Efficiency of Houston's Residential Subdivisions”
Ognjen Miljanic, Chemistry
Stanko Brankovic, Electrical and Computer Engineering

“A Formal Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Implementing BCHS3211: Biochemistry II”
Donna Pattison, Biology and Biochemistry

“Integrating Experiential Learning into Introductory Geosciences Classes”
Julia Smith Wellner, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Virginia Sisson, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

College of Technology

“Research Based Enhancements of Computer Engineering Technology Program using Emerging Technologies”
Driss Benhaddou, Engineering Technology
Mequanint Moges, Engineering Technology
George Zouridakis, Engineering Technology
Farrokh Attarzadeh, Engineering Technology
Xiaojing Yuan, Engineering Technology
Bernie McIntyre, Engineering Technology
Deniz Gurkan, Engineering Technology
Wajiha Shireen, Engineering Technology
Victor Gallardo, Engineering Technology

“Enhancing the Research Component in HDCS 1300: Human Ecosystems and Technological Change”
Greenwood Katy, Human Development and Consumer Sciences
Shirley Ezell, Human Development and Consumer Sciences
Marcella Norwood, Human Development and Consumer Sciences
Margaret Tellegen, Human Development and Consumer Sciences

Enhancing Research Skills and Writing Competency via Real-World Quality Improvement Projects”
Jamison Kovach, Information & Logistics Technology
Michelle Miley, UH Writing Center

“An Integrated Approach to Research in Digital Media”
Jerry Waite, Information and Logistics Technology
Monica Zarzycka, Information and Logistics Technology
Nada Khatib, Information and Logistics Technology
Bret Detiller, Information and Logistics Technology

Honors College

“Texas Medicine: The University of Houston in the Hospital and in the Community”
Helen Valier, Medicine & Society Program, Honors College
Courtney Queen, Abramson Center, College of Technology