Discovery-Based Learning:
Transforming the Undergraduate Experience through Research

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

   1 The University of Houston - A Metropolitan Research University

       1.1 Introduction to the University of Houston
       1.2 Our Faculty
       1.3 Our Students

Focus on Undergraduate Research
   2 Why Undergraduate Research?
       2.1 QEP Topic Selection
       2.2 QEP Planning
       2.3 Transforming the Undergraduate Experience through Research
       2.4 Definition of Research
       2.5 QEP Goals & Student Learning Outcomes
       2.6 Addressing Significant Needs Related to Student Learning
       2.7 Review of Best Practices in Undergraduate Research

Institutional Capability
   3 Our Quality Enhancement Plan
       3.1 Overview: The Learning through Discovery Initiative
       3.2 Creation of the UH Office of Undergraduate Discovery Programs
       3.3 Existing Resources to Support the Implementation of Our QEP
       3.4 Building a Research-Supportive Curriculum
       3.5 Co-Curricular Opportunities for Research-Related Skills Training
       3.6 Expansion of Mentored Research Opportunities and Resources
       3.7 Infrastructure and Resources to Support Students and Faculty

   4 Implementation of the Learning through Discovery Initiative
       4.1 Relation of the QEP to Institutional Planning and Budgeting Activities
       4.2 QEP Implementation Schedule
       4.3 Operation of the Office of Undergraduate Discovery Program

Assessment Plan
   5 Assessing the Effectiveness of the Learning through Discovery Initiative
       5.1 Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
       5.2 Program Goals Evaluation


UH Community Involvement
    Appendix A: Committee Memberships
    Appendix B: QEP Topic Selection Process
    Appendix C: QEP Planning Process

    QEP Support Teams
    Photo Credits