QEP Curriculum Development Grant Program

FY2012 QEP proposal submissions will be accepted through Wednesday, March 28, 2012 (deadline extended). The Call for Proposals (CFP) and application materials may be downloaded via links in the table below. The CFP announcement was also sent via email to all UH faculty, chairs, associate deans and deans.   

In preparation for development of a curriculum grant proposal, faculty are encouraged to review their undergraduate curriculum and consult with QEP Resource Collaborators to develop a proposal focused on integrating inquiry-based learning or research practica into existing or new courses.  QEP proposal planning sessions can be scheduled upon request. Questions should be directed to Veronique Tran at

Visit the Curriculum Toolbox to access to resources, services, and best practices.

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QEP Grant Program FY12

Application Materials for QEP 2012-2013 Prospective PIs

QEP Disciplinary Rubrics

Prospective PIs are encouraged to review the disciplinary rubric most relevant to their field to help guide completion of the student learning outcomes section of the QEP proposal. These set of six disciplinary rubrics were developed by teams of faculty in Spring 2009 and are used by QEP PIs to assess student work in QEP courses.

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