QEP Curriculum Development Grant Program

The QEP Curriculum Development Grant Program supports faculty efforts to enhance existing undergraduate courses or develop new courses that incorporate inquiry-based pedagogy or research practicum training. Projects range from enhancement of core and major course to broader department and college initiatives which span multiple courses and levels. For the FY13 QEP Curriculum Development Grant Competition, a record number of 43 proposals were submitted from faculty across the university. Of those, Twenty-four (24) QEP projects have been selected for implementation in 2013-2014. Approximately 4,900 students are expected to directly benefit from these projects. View list of FY13 QEP Projects.

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Application Materials for QEP 2013-2014 Prospective PIs

QEP Disciplinary Rubrics

Prospective PIs are encouraged to review the disciplinary rubric most relevant to their field to help guide completion of the student learning outcomes section of the QEP proposal. These set of six disciplinary rubrics were developed by teams of faculty in Spring 2009 and are used by QEP PIs to assess student work in QEP courses.

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