Non-Profit Community Opportunities

Please review the opportunities below and contact to let us know how you would like to become involved.  Non-Profit Partners who are interested in posting research internship opportunities or team projects will receive eDiscovery login information once their account is activated.

Non-profit professionals who are interested in serving as mentors or becoming personally engaged should visit the Alumni & Professionals gateway to learn more. 

Non-Profit Community Opportunities

Establish a Research Internship Program for UH Students
We are seeking partnerships with Houston-area companies, institutions, and organizations who can offer real-world research internships in any field.  Programs that offer multiple research internship positions are encouraged.

Post a research internship opportunity
Are you a hiring manager or are you aware of any research projects within your organization that could benefit from an undergraduate intern?  A research internship position provides an opportunity for students to use research skills in a real-world setting.

Post a Project in the Real-World Team Projects Registry
Do you have a project that you would like to have students tackle as their class project? We are seeking projects from the corporate and non-profit sectors that can be addressed within a one semester course or by a professional student organization.  Projects may be research service learning projects from non-profit clients.  More details about this program will be posted as it becomes available.

Provide support for the UH Learning through Discovery Initiative
We welcome in-kind donations, sponsorships, individual or corporate gifts.  Support can be designated for a particular program, resource, or project.