Pilot Projects for 2009 QEP Curriculum Development Grant Program

Twenty-three pilot projects have been selected for implementation in 2009.  The program supports faculty efforts to enhance existing undergraduate courses or develop new courses that incorporate inquiry-based pedagogy or research practicum training.   Projects range from enhancement of core and major course to broader department and college initiatives which span multiple courses and levels.

Approximately 6,500 students are expected to directly benefit from these courses annually.  Learn more about the 2009 Pilot QEP Projects and research-enhanced courses:


QEP Projects Awarded FY 2009

College of Education

“The Research Cycle: Building Relevance between the HDFS Curriculum Theories to Application in Practical Settings"
Andrea Burridge, Human Development & Family Studies
Sharon Johnson, Human Development & Family Studies
Shirley Yu, Educational Psychology
Jonathan Schwartz, Educational Psychology

"Pyramid Approach to Enhancement of Undergraduate Research Experiences”
Brian McFarlin, Health and Human Performance
Richard Simpson, Health and Human Performance
Catherine Horn, Educational Psychology

"The QUEST Teacher Research Initiative”
Melissa Pierson, Curriculum and Instruction
Eileen Westerman, Curriculum and Instruction
Teresa Edgar, Curriculum and Instruction

College of Engineering

“Pre-Capstone Course in Mechanical Engineering”
Richard Bannerot, Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Franchek, Mechanical Engineering
Pradeep Sharma, Mechanical Engineering

"Environmental Engineering Research for Undergraduates"
Shankar Chellam, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nancy Linden, Science and Engineering Librarian

“A Research Spine in Electrical and Computer Engineering”
Len Trombetta, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chad Wilson, Cullen College of Engineering
Paul Ruchhoeft, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dmitri Litvinov, Electrical and Computer Engineering

"Inquiry-based Pedagogy and Research for Undergraduates through International Activities"
Gangbing Song, Mechanical Engineering
Li Sun, Mechanical Engineering
Heidar Malki, Electrical Engineering Technology

"Research and Design in a Writing in the Disciplines (WID) Course"
Chad Wilson, Cullen College of Engineering

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

"Quantitative Social Sciences Minor (QSSM)"
Scott Basinger, Political Science
David Francis, Psychology
David Papell, Economics

"The Ancient World through Web-based Technology"
Casey Due Hackney, Modem and Classical Languages
Francesca D. Behr, Classical Studies/Women's Studies

"Art and Society”
Cynthia Freeland, Philosophy

"Research and Writing Intensive Course Design in the English Department”
Lorraine Stock, English
Maria Gonzalez, English

"Spanish Language Variation and Transfer among Generations in Houston”
Manuel Gutierrez, Hispanic Studies
Marta Fairclough, Hispanic Studies

“The Use of Geographic Information Systems in the Economics Curriculum”
Janet Kohlhase, Economics

“Advanced Research Practicum in Sociology”
Joseph Kotarba, Sociology
Alice Cepeda, Sociology
Jarron Saint-Onge, Sociology
Samantha Kwan, Sociology

“Interdepartmental Student Research with the Surviving Katrina and Rita in Houston Project"
Carl Lindahl, English
Susan Nash, Psychology

“1771: Four Cities in One Year”
David Mazella, English
Julie Grob, Special Collections/Library

"Capstone Courses in Phronesis: A Program in Politics and Ethics”
Gregory Weiher, Political Science
Tamler Sommers, Philosophy and Phronesis Program

"Professionalizing Undergraduate Creative Writing and Graphic Design"
Lynn Voskuil, English
Cheryl Beckett, Graphic Communications
Aaron Reynolds, English
Darin Ciccotelli, English

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

“Undergraduate courses and research in Mathematical Biology"
Kresimir Josic, Mathematics
Ricardo Azevedo, Biology and Biochemistry
Timothy Cooper, Biology and Biochemistry
Bernhard Bodmann, Mathematics
Kevin Bassler, Physics
Charles Peters, Mathematics

College of Technology

“Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Integration of Bioprocessing Laboratory”
Rupa Iyer, Engineering Tec1mology
Richard Wilson, Chemical Engineering
Bill Kurdle, Engineering Tec1mology

Honors College

“Writing Studios for the Senior Honors Thesis Program”
William Monroe, Honors College
Anna Newman, Colloquium for Undergraduate Research in Biology
Michelle Miley, Writing Center
Daniel Price, Visual Studies Program
Karen Weber, Undergraduate Research

Graduate College of Social Work

“Transtheoretical Clinical Research and Practice with Substance Use and Co-Occurring Mental
Disorders: A Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Level Approach"
Luis Tones, Graduate College of Social Work
Dale Alexander, Graduate College of Social Work

Spring 2009 QEP Courses

Course Number
BTEC 4398 Interdisciplinary Research-based Bioprocessing Rupa Iyer
ENGL 3304 Chaucer Lorraine Stock
ENGL 3330 Beginning Creative Writing Aaron Reynolds
ENGL 4396 1771: Four Cities in One Year David Mazella
ENGL/PSYC 4397 Selected Topics - Surviving Kartrina and Rita in Houston Susan Nash/Carl Lindahl
GREK 3398 Greek Special Problems - Homeric Greek Casey Due Hackney
HDFS 3318 Human Ecol. of Adult Development Sharon Johnson
KIN 1252 Foundations of Kinesiology Studies Brian McFarlin
KIN 1304 Public Hlt Issues in Phys/Obes Brian McFarlin
MATH 4397 Selected Topics - Mathematics of Evolution Kresimir Josic/Ricardo Azevedo
--* Sr. Thesis Writing and Research Studios William Monroe

*No formal course number, for more information, contact Ms. Karen Weber, 

Fall 2009 QEP Courses

List of fall course offering will be added when available.