Engagement Opportunities

Please review the engagement opportunities below and contact to let us know how you would like to become involved by sharing your time, talent, or other resources.  The Office of Undergraduate Discovery Programs will assist in matching your interests with the needs of our students.  Mentors wishing join the Reality Chats Speakers Bureau or post research internship opportunities will receive eDiscovery login information once their account is activated.

Engagement Opportunities

Register to be a Reality Chats speaker
Would you like to share your career path(s) and offer advice to students on what to expect as they pursue their careers?  Reality Chats are mentoring conversations that also offer students an opportunity to learn first-hand how research skills are applied and valued in the corporate, non-profit, and government sectors. Reality Chats can take place on campus or via online. On campus examples include student club/organization or course guest speaker, forum panelist, and department/college or university speaker.  The Reality Chats Speakers Bureau will include UH faculty and staff, and off-campus professionals, artists, scholars, and alumni.  The searchable directory will be available to faculty and student organization leaders.  Registered speakers can limit the number of speaking invitations/requests they receive. 

Teach a professional development workshop
Do you have expertise in the use of a particular research tool? Or would you like to deliver training for a research skill?  Share your knowledge and experience with our students by offering a professional development workshop.  Workshops can be offered for students in specific majors or can be open to all students. 

Judge student projects, presentations, performances, or exhibits
Are you interested in sharing your expertise and offer feedback to students about their projects and presentations?  Opportunities for students to showcase their research and creative work will be increasing in the course, department, college, and university levels and external judges and jury members are needed. 

Mentor a student project team
Are you interested in sharing your expertise by advising a team as they plan and complete a class project?  Some undergraduate degree programs require their students to participate in a capstone design, research practicum, or other research-intensive course.  Over the semester, mentors can provide advice and guidance as students plan and complete their projects.  Projects can range from design projects to group research investigations in the community and service learning research projects for non-profit clients. 

Post a research internship opportunity
Are you a hiring manager or are you aware of any research projects within your company or organization that could benefit from an undergraduate intern?  We are seeking partnerships with Houston-area companies, institutions, and organizations who can offer real-world research internships in any field.  A research internship position is one that requires significant use of research skills.

Post a Project in the Real-World Team Projects Registry
Do you have a project that you would like to have students tackle as their class project under the guidance of a faculty mentor? We are seeking projects from the corporate and non-profit sectors that can be addressed within a one semester course.  Projects may be sponsored by corporate partners or they can be research service learning experiences for students.  More details of this program will be posted as it becomes available.

Provide support for the UH Learning through Discovery Initiative
We welcome in-kind donations, sponsorships, individual or corporate gifts.  Support can be designated for a particular program, resource, or project.