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A focus on the big picture

We believe that data powers everything we do. Where it used to be harnessed to confirm our ideas, data is now driving decisions in every sector of society, from security to transportation to hospitality – it’s even being used to understand how our online social interactions influence business. It impacts everything.

With Houston industries driving economies all over the world, there is an ongoing need for data science research and education to support workforce development and technology commercialization in the region. The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Science Institute will play a key role in the creation of a data-savvy workforce to support the region’s industrial base, as well as the adoption of leading practices and innovative approaches to support data-enabled decisions at all levels.

The Institute will also serve as a catalyst for basic and applied research, leading to the discovery and commercialization of technologies that will have a transformative impact on economic and social systems.

About The Institute

The work of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Science Institute spans four areas of research: cyber and physical security, drug development and discovery, sustainable communities and infrastructure and accessible and personalized health care. Furthermore HPE DSI leads the University’s educational focus which involves both non-degree certificate programs aimed at training the current and future workforce. Lastly, HPE DSI offers resources and services to other researchers / startup companies across diverse disciplines in physical sciences, as well as humanities and social sciences.


Claudia Neuhauser

Claudia Neuhauser, Interim Director

Claudia Neuhauser is the Associate Vice President/Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology Transfer at the University of Houston. 

Prior to coming to the University of Houston, Claudia served as Associate Vice President for Research and Director of Research Computing at the University of Minnesota. In her capacity as Director of Research Computing she directed the University of Minnesota Informatics Institute (UMII), the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI), and U Spatial.

Peggy Lindner

Peggy Lindner, Associate Director for Educational Programs

While Peggy Lindner's background is in engineering, she has built her career around data science education at UH since 2014. Her research focuses on management and analysis of large scale datasets with specific focus on health, environment & the financial sector.

As Associate Director for Educational Programs, Peggy coordinates the development of academic opportunities at the Institute. She also co-directs the Data Analytics in Student Hands (DASH) program, which helps students to engange in meaningful data science projects.

Meet Our Faculty Leaders

Photo of David J. Francis
7 June

David J. Francis

Director, Texas Institute for Measurement Evaluation and Statistics

Photo of Dr. James Granato
14 June

Dr. James Granato

Executive Director, Hobby School of Public Affairs. Professor, Department of Political Science

Photo of Dr. Preethi Gunaratne
28 June

Dr. Preethi Gunaratne

Associate Professor, Department of Biology & Biochemistry

Photo of Dr. Jaspal Subhlok
28 June

Dr. Jaspal Subhlok

Professor and Chair, Department of Computer Science

Contact Us

Our office is located in Suite 205 on the second floor of the
Durga D. and Sushila Agrawal Engineering Research Building.

Phone: 713.743.9922

Physical address:
4718 Calhoun Rd.
Houston, TX 77204