Event Proposals

CEO supports cultural and diversity-related events through event planning, marketing, funding, and other resources. If your organization needs CEO's support for a cultural and/or diversity-related event, please fill out a CEO Event Proposal Form.

Proposal Submission Information:

  • All proposals that align with the CEO mission will be voted on in weekly board meetings.
  • Chair, Vice Chair and all Council Members are allowed to vote. If the proposal gets the three-fourths of the votes from the entire board, it will be approved.
  • CEO is able to amend financial requests if necessary and sent them back to the RSO for consideration before final vote.
  • There is no limit to the number of proposals that can be submitted by an RSO.
  • Proposals should be submitted by the executive officers of the RSO on Get Involved.
  • Restrictions:
    • All the events sponsored by CEO must be free and open to the entire UH student body.
    • Events must create awareness of culture, ethnicity, and/or diversity and promote inclusion on campus.
    • All events sponsored by CEO must occur on campus.
      • Exceptions can be made for this restriction if the event in question is a non-overnight trip to a cultural event within Texas for UH students only and utilizing approved UH transportation.
    • CEO shall not fund the purchase of alcoholic beverages, office supplies, stationery, office telephone, personalized gifts, equipment, or off-campus advertising.
    • CEO shall consider the overall benefit that particular items requested for funding contribute to the success of the program.
    • CEO will not provide funds for charities, scholarships, awards, or philanthropic efforts, or any form of personal or organizational gain. Gain is defined as income generated in excess of program expenses. The only exception to this policy is support of events associated with and coordinating with the student organizations overseeing major campus traditions (Homecoming Board and Frontier Fiesta Association).
    • CEO shall not fund attendance to off-campus workshops or seminars.
    • CEO shall not fund competitions, tournaments, or any conference in which a student must apply or compete to attend.
    • RSOs may request up to $2,000 per event.
    • RSOs may not exceed $5,000 in CEO funding per academic year.

Approved Proposal Information:

  • If proposal is approved, space reservations shall be made by the RSO proposing the event within one week after CEO approves an event. Failure to do so will void the approval of the event.
    • An email of the space reservation confirmation must be sent to their CEO Council Member Liaison.
  • RSOs must be setup with direct deposit in order to receive funding and the bank account must be in the organization’s name.
  • Organizations will need to sign a CEO Notice of Award form in order to receive funding from CEO. One of the top three officers from the RSO (as designated on the RSO’s Get Involved roster) must sign the form before receiving funds.
    • If proposal is approved, any invoices from UH departments (UH Conference and Reservations Services [CARS], UH Dining Services, UH Creation Station, etc.) will be paid by CEO directly to UH departments instead of to RSO.
    • Any monies allocated, but not used by the organization must be returned to CEO.
  • All purchases made using funds from CEO would need to have copies of receipts submitted at least two days after event on Get Involved: Submit your Receipts

    • Pictures or scanned copies of itemized receipts are allowed.
    • Receipts should be accompanied by a CEO Event Outline Coversheet.
    • If you do not provide copies of receipts, then your organization would not be permitted to receive funding for the remainder of the academic year.
  • After event occurs, RSO must also submit information regarding the completed event through the same link: Submit completed event info


  • All the approved proposals must have CEO logo imprinted on their marketing.
  • Marketing requests shall be included in the program proposal form, if needed.
  • A-frames shall be provided on a first come first served basis, as long as design has been approved for temporary outdoor signage posting by the Dean of Student’s office.
  • Marketing designs containing the CEO logo must be approved by the board.
  • If RSO marketing includes the UH name or logo, they will be beholden to all UH branding guidelines.

Deadlines for CEO Event Proposal Form Submissions:

  • If the organization requests Creation Station to design and print posters for the event, the proposal must be submitted at least nine weeks prior to the actual event.
  • If the organization requests Creation Station to print only, the proposal must be submitted at least five weeks prior to the event.
  • If the organization doesn't request any services rendered by Creation Station, the proposal must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the actual event.

We highly recommend submitting proposals as early as possible for better planning and marketing of an event.

If you have questions about submitting a CEO Event Proposal Form, please contact the CEO Chair at ceodir@central.uh.edu and/or the CEO Vice Chair at ceoad@central.uh.edu.