1. What are the eligibility requirements to register with CEO?
Any Registered Student Organization in good standing with the University that identifies as cultural or diversity-related is eligible to register with CEO. In order to maintain membership, each RSO that registers with CEO is required to have two officers attend one Center for Diversity and Inclusion workshop and one Center for Diversity and Inclusion Cultural Roundtable per year.

2. How much does it cost to register with CEO?
Nothing! Your organization just has to be eligible (see Question 1).

3. My organization is not registered with CEO. Can we still get support from CEO?
CEO aims to support all cultural and diversity-related events that promote diversity and inclusion at the University of Houston. CEO will support approved events in the marketing, planning, and funding of the event. All events sponsored by CEO should be open and free to all UH students. We highly recommend registering your organization with CEO if your mission relates to culture or diversity.

4. Will CEO help to plan the event?
Yes, CEO will assist in the planning but the event will be led by the RSO officers. CEO aims to provide resources and assistance in the planning, marketing, and funding of the event. The execution of said plans will be done by the officers of the Registered Student Organization.

6. Can RSOs registered with CEO do any “non-cultural” event?
CEO is only able to support cultural and diversity-related events.  You are welcome to host non-cultural events. However, please be aware that CEO will not fund and support non-cultural or diversity-related events.

7. Do all events have to be open to the entire UH campus? Will CEO sponsor closed events?
Events sponsored by CEO must be free and open to UH student body.

8. How can CEO help in marketing?
We have lots of resources on campus to market events:
A. Creation Station – The officers of approved proposals (cultural or diversity-related events) will have an option to get designs for an event poster created by UH Creation Station! RSOs can request yard signs, posters, and other printed marketing materials to promote their event to the UH student body. Please note: These design and printing costs should be included in your CEO Event Proposal Form.
B. Digital Marketing – CEO can assist in putting up registered organization’s events on video walls around campus, including the Student Center video wall and Dining Services video walls to name a few!
C. Cultural and diversity-related events can be promoted through CEO social media upon request (if approved).
D. More marketing resources are also available through the Center for Student Involvement. Click on the link below to be directed to a comprehensive Marketing Checklist! https://uh.collegiatelink.net/organization/csi/DocumentLibrary/view/467999

10. Who should I contact, if I have any more questions?
Warda Ruhi, Chair
Student Center North, Room 118
Houston, TX 77204

Fatima Siddiqui, Vice Chair
Student Center North, Room 118
Houston, TX 77204