Activities Funding Board

The Activities Funding Board serves as the University’s student organization funding board. AFB receives money each year to allocate out to student organizations. The allocation changes each year. Only registered student organizations (RSOs) through the Center for Student Involvement can request funds for programming and conference travel. RSOs can request up to $2500 each academic school year (Fall through Summer) towards programming and conference travel. While organizations can get up to $2500 each school year, only $1000 may be used for conference travel.

Learn more about the Activities Funding Board.

RSO Bank Accounts

As a student organization, you are entitled to opening a bank account through a banking institution of your choosing. One of the major benefits of having a bank account will allow student organizations to maintain money in a safe and trusted location. Many student organizations may opt to bank with TDECU – YOUR CREDIT UNION because of the branch located in the University Center.

Student organizations that are interested in setting up a bank account should be prepared to present the Memorandum that is generated from the Center for Student Involvement. Many banking institutions will limit the number of co-signers on a bank account and prefer to have the officers as the co-signers. It is important to maintain the active list of officers with the Center for Student Involvement so that power can be transferred to the new officers easily.

The Center for Student Involvement encourages student organizations to take precautions when maintaining bank accounts. Student organizations that opt to get checks or debit/ATM cards for their bank account, we encourage student organizations keep those in safe and concealed places. Checks and/or debit/ATM cards can potentially be stolen like any property.

How to set up your EIN

  1. Visit the EIN Assistant IRS Webpage to begin the application.
  2. Under types of legal structure select View Additional Types and click continue.
  3. Under additional types select PTA/PTO School Organization. Click continue, then on the description page, click continue again.
  4. Fill in your information as the authorized officer. Click continue.
  5. Fill in all your address information as appropriate. Click continue.
  6. Finish the application.

Note: This information is intended only for University of Houston student organizations. Although the information contained in this website is designed to offer general tax information, it is not a substitute for advice obtained from the Internal Revenue Service or a qualified tax professional. The information on this website is subject to change or further interpretation by the Internal Revenue Service or other tax authorities.