Additional RSO Resources

The Center for Student Involvement serves a central resource for student organizations. We provide basic services to many student organizations such as office/carrel/storage space, mailboxes, and access to set up UH websites and e-mail addresses. Please see below for the appropriate information.

RSO Resource Guide

The RSO Guide provides information on everything from registering your organizations, University policies and procedures, to free resources available to student organizations, and much more. Click the RSO Resource Guide to learn about the services that are offered to registered student organizations.


Student organizations are required to maintain a mailbox at the University so that mail, important notices from the Center for Student Involvement, and information can be distributed to the student organizations easily. Student organizations have the option of choosing the location of their mailboxes.  RSOs can opt to use a mailbox through a sponsoring office or department (if that option is available). For those organizations that may not have that option, the Center for Student Involvement does have a limited number of mailboxes available for student organizations.

Student organizations that are interested in obtaining a mailbox through the Center for Student Involvement will need to submit the request during the Organization Registration process. Due to the high number of RSOs that have requested mailboxes, RSOs will be required to check their mailbox once a week.  RSOs that fail to check their mailbox once a week may lose the privilege of having a mailbox.

E-mail Accounts

Another privilege that student organizations can take advantage of is the opportunity to get an e-mail account through the University of Houston. 

Student organizations that are interested in getting an e-mail account or having the University host a website may pick up a form at the Center for Student Involvement or download the “Sponsored Student Organization Account Application” form.  Please submit the form to the Center for Student Involvement and we will Sponsor the application.

Campus Leaders Reception

Held once a year in April, the Campus Leaders Reception is an opportunity for the Center for Student Involvement to recognize top student leaders, individuals, organizations, and programs.  Over the course of the Campus Leaders Reception, there are 17 awards that are presented to individuals, organizations, and events.  The Center for Student Involvement highly encourages individuals and organizations to submit nominations prior to the Reception so that our student leaders and top organizations can get recognized for their achievements.

Individual Awards
Rising Star Student Leader
Stellar Senior Leader
Graduate Student Leader
Outstanding Leadership
Presidential Excellence
Advisor of the Year

Organization Awards
Outstanding New Organization
Most Improved Student Organization
Organization of the Year (Graduate and Undergraduate)

Program Awards
Outstanding Educational Program of the Year
Celebration of Diversity Program of the Year
Most Innovative Program of the Year

Networking, Fairs and Training

CSI offers many opportunities for RSOs to continuously build on the leadership skills of their members. Through events such as The Cougar Connection, RSO Fair, and Get Involved training sessions, student leaders are able to engage with one another and discover innovative ways of growing their student organizations.

New Officer Training
Are you a new officer? This workshop/training will provide resources on how to be a successful student officer.

Secrets to Planning Your On–Campus Event
This workshop will help individuals planning events on campus to learn about the event planning process.

Get Involved
This workshop is designed to teach you more about how "Get Involved" can improve your student organization.