Frequently Asked Questions

Any two officers can attend RSO Orientation. Two officers have to complete the online Risk Management Education, and two officers have to attend the Risk Management Training session. We highly recommend that the president and the officer that typically handles university business and/or plans events to complete both the online Risk Management Education and the Risk Management Training session.
Advisors that have not completed risk management with the Center for Student Involvement will be required to view the online Risk Management Education videos. To receive access to the online videos, advisors need to email Donielle Miller.
No, you will only be registered for the 16-17 school year and your memorandum will be valid from June 15, 2016 – June 15, 2017.
Yes. However, please note that the official registered student organizations list will be shared with various campus partners. Not being registered will affect your ability to do the following.

  1. Reserve Rooms and Outdoor Spaces
  2. Update officers on your TDECU Bank Account
  3. Participate in Cougar Carnival
  4. Participate in Fall 2016 Cat’s Back
  5. Apply for Catering and Beverage Donations.
  6. Apply for funding from Activities Funding Board
  7. Apply for Carrel and Locker Spaces
Yes, the registration process now occurs annually and is no longer a rolling process. To be an official registered student organization, your organization must complete registration during the designated registration period (April – May).
No, all attendees must pre-register. Additionally, you must bring your cougar card to verify identity.
No, you will be required to attend one of the scheduled sessions. We will not host Orientation or Risk Management Sessions in the CSI office.
  1. The Annual Registration process is required for all organizations existing on the UH campus.
  2. Only organizations that complete this registration process by May 23rd will be allowed to participate in Fall 2016 Cat’s Back.
  3. Access to resources (Reservations, Coca-Cola and Catering Donations, updating bank accounts).
  4. Get updates on policies and procedures.
  5. Get information on new initiatives that will be launched in the Fall for Registered Student Organizations.
No. Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life organizations must attend trainings specific to those organizations.