Registration Forms

Listed below are some forms that are most commonly used in Event Registration, along with a brief statement about each:

  • University Center reservation form
    Use for all spaces in the University Center and for all outdoor spaces.
  • Campus Recreation and Wellness Center reservation form
    Use for all spaces at the CRWC
  • Cullen Performance Hall Reservation form
    Use for reserving the Cullen Performance hall. For more information on Cullen Performance Hall’s Contact and Booking information please go here.
  • Solicitation Form
    Use any time your organization is going to sell items on campus. Know that there are special restrictions for the University Center.
  • Request for UH Security or police officers
    Some events are required to have officers. UHDPS assesses risk at events assigns number of security or officers needed at events. Note: in order to not pay late fees UHDPS requests must be at least two weeks in advance.
  • Alcohol Permit
    If alcohol is going to be served at an event, there are series of requirements about when, where and how it can be served. Reviewing the University's Alcohol Policy in the Student Handbook, will help you understand how to fill out this form. Only ARAMARK has a license to sell and serve alcohol on campus.
  • Freedom of Expression
    The UH Freedom of Expression Policy provides a framework for outdoor events at UH, including where events can be held, times, sound considerations, and size of displays.
  • University Sponsorship Form
    If a Department or College sponsors your event, you have the ability to program in additional outdoor spaces beyond what is listed in the Freedom of Expression Policy. Colleges or Departments that sponsor an event are taking responsibility for the event and are required to be actively involved in the event and assigns staff to supervise the event.
  • Sponsorship Obligation Form (Addendum C)
    Addendum C is completed by the RSO or UH Department when working with an off campus person or group on a sponsored event.
  • Facility License Agreement
    Addendum D is completed by the off campus person or group when working with an RSO or UH Department on a sponsored event.
  • Temporary Food Dealers Permit
    If food is going to be served at an public/open event, a student organization must complete a Temporary Food Dealers permit with the Fire Marshal's Office.

There are other forms for special circumstances such as cosponsorship with an off campus entity or requesting yard signs that an activities advisor can work through with you if needed.