Quick Guides

At the University of Houston, there are many University policies and procedures that help ensure the safety, security, and well-being of all University faculty, staff, students, and visitors. To help registered student organizations, these Quick Guides have been created to navigate the various policies and procedures that most student organizations will need to comply with.

Event Registration

The Event Registration process is designed to provide assistance to the student leaders of registered student organizations (RSOs) who are interested in having an event on campus. This quick guide is designed to help RSOs officers successfully navigate the process.

Freedom of Expression

The Freedom of Expression Policy is to provide for organized expressive activities to be conducted on the grounds of the University in a manner committed to fostering a learning environment, where free inquiry and expression are encouraged. This quick guide is to assist RSOs better understand the policy and to successfully plan events in.

University Sponsorship

Registered student organizations (RSOs) may be required to complete a University Sponsorship Verification Form depending on the location of the event, advertising, and the date of event registration. This Quick Guide provides information about what type of event needs University Sponsorship.


Registered student organizations are allowed to promote their organization and organization's events on campus through flyers and banners. This Quick Guide provides the University procedure for advertising on campus.


RSOs may choose to serve alcohol at their events. This Quick Guide provides information about the University procedure to register your event and distribution rules.

Temporary Food Dealers

Organizations that are interested in providing food to non-organization members must complete a Temporary Food Dealers Permit with the Fire Marshal's Office. This Quick Guide provides helpful information about conducting events with food.

Literature Distribution