Lead UH

Leadership Exploration and Development for the UH Community

Housed within the Center for Student Involvement, LeadUH provides an accessible, engaging, and customizable leadership training program for the UH community by highlighting the wealth of academic, professional, and personal development resources across campus.

Earning certificates

Each leadership program has separate completion requirements that will assist students by improving their abilities to articulate their leadership skills.

Faculty & Staff

Our leadership programs are offered from faculty & staff from across campus which introduces students to various aspects of leadership in multiple departments. In turn, campus offices have the opportunity to design specialty programs, highlighting skill sets in their fields and gain more access to the diverse student population of UH. For more information about how your department can collaborate with our leadership program, please contact us at (832) 842-6253.


Catalyst is a leadership luncheon & nightly series that aims to be a resource to UH students and a forum for University and Community leaders to share their story and the importance of being a catalyst – an agent of change. Come hear Houston community members speak about their personal leadership story, along with a lesson on how to be an effective and impactful leader.


The Ignite program is a foundational leadership development program for UH students who want to develop their leadership skills, confidence, and be a part of a positive leadership community. Through teaching core competencies and building self- awareness the program aims to inspire and empower like-minded students at the University of Houston to be involved campus leaders.


Learning to lead yourself is just as important as learning to lead others. Through Lead WELL, students will learn the importance of self-care and balance as it relates to leadership. Topics such as time management, stress management, self-care and more will be explored. Development of these skills are crucial to a healthy life and organization.


Discover your career path and connect with employers during one on one career counseling sessions, career panels, employer mock-interviews, and networking events. Throughout the semester University Career Services offers walk-in hours, and weekly workshops for more tips and tools to explore your path to success!


Student Organization Leadership Development (SOLD) sessions are available to provide foundational education for student organization leaders or aspiring leaders to effectively manage and lead their organizations. Students are able to gain insight and expertise from others around the UH Community while discovering their abilities in areas such as decision making, money management, goal-setting, event planning and more.