Impact Living Learning Community

Do you love where you live? Whether you were born and raised in Houston or you will be calling it home for the first time, joining the Impact Living Learning Community (LLC) will give you the chance to explore the city of Houston in a new way. Together we will explore one of the most culturally diverse cities through participating in service projects and learning about all that Houston has to offer. We will focus on a variety of social issues throughout the year including hunger and homelessness, health and wellness, children and education, and the environment and sustainability. As we explore each social issue, you will learn how to think globally and act locally to have a positive impact on your community. This community will be housed in Cougar Village I. Apply to live in the Impact LLC.

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Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are a residential experience that offer students interested in a shared topic the opportunity to live together in a dedicated residential area. LLCs support high levels of interaction between students, increased interaction with faculty outside of the classroom, and increased opportunities to learn where you live such as a shared class on the given topic, study groups, and programming. Students must apply to live in LLCs and adhere to the requirements set within the community.