Events and Exhibits

Constitution Day Celebration

I Love Constitution Day

Join us for our annual Constitution Day celebration complete with cake, stickers, and pocket Constitutions to celebrate 230 years since the Constitution was signed! There will also be an opportunity to share your thoughts on the EPIC Question wall, on a Constitution-themed question about the First Amendment.

When: September 20, 2017
Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm
Where: Student Center South

Bring your Cougar Card to join the festivities

Celebrating the U.S. Constitution

Celebrating the U.S. Constitution

The University of Houston Libraries’ Special Collections Department owns a number of books written by, and original documents signed by, some of those delegates to the Constitutional Convention: Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Charles Pinckney, and George Washington. This mini-exhibit will showcase a small handful of documents penned by Founding Fathers.

When: September 12th through 23rd
Where: 2nd floor of the MD Anderson Library, the Aristotle J. Economon, Hanneke Faber & Andrew J. Economon Elevator Lobby, at the entrance to Special Collections